A southwestern post

I’m in Cornwall as I type this, enjoying the sunshine and the proximity to the ocean. I love being here. I come here yearly and find it a real wrench to leave. I feel that the place finds it equally hard to let me go.

Still we have two more days here, so I won’t focus on the leaving just yet. For today we are visiting one of our favourite harbours. I also get to visit one of my favourite metaphysical shops so it should be a good day.


Sunday sunshine

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’ve just given my new car a proper clean. I said goodbye to Betsy about two weeks or so ago, and now I have a green Volkswagen Polo, which I have named Minty. I know, it’s not exactly cool to name your cars, but I don’t care. 🙂 Matt will be coming up to see me later, and perhaps we’ll go out and enjoy the sunshine. At the same time as writing this blog, I am watching the documentary series ‘The Pagans’ on YouTube. I missed them when they were shown on television, so I was really pleased to find four episodes on the website. I’ve been watching them on and off for the last couple of days, but today has been a very Bardic day. Sunday usually is, as I have time to study the Gwersi and relax. I am hoping that the Awen will descend soon as I am eager to start writing poetry again. I feel that is going to be my Bardic outlet, as much as I would love to become a virtuoso mandolin player overnight. 😉 That is perfectly okay with me though – I have missed my poetry and hope it comes back fully. Now and again I get a flash of Awen and compose a one-off delight. I would very much love to do that more often.

It hasn’t been a bad weekend, all in all. I work every Saturday night though, worse luck, so I don’t really make any weekend plans as such. But next weekend begins my two week holiday, although we’re just staying at home. We hope to go out for a couple of trips, ideally I would like to go to Glastonbury if possible. We’re also going to a couple of Cardiff City games and Matt’s leaving do at work. I’m trying to resist the urge to plan too much as it’s supposed to be a relaxing break. I also plan to do lots of cooking the Slimming World way (see my sister blog, http://slimmingkim.wordpress.com for more details on my weight loss journey).  I love cooking but I never get much chance to do it normally as my parents cook the most. Perhaps I will rustle up some Lughnasadh delights.