A southwestern post

I’m in Cornwall as I type this, enjoying the sunshine and the proximity to the ocean. I love being here. I come here yearly and find it a real wrench to leave. I feel that the place finds it equally hard to let me go.

Still we have two more days here, so I won’t focus on the leaving just yet. For today we are visiting one of our favourite harbours. I also get to visit one of my favourite metaphysical shops so it should be a good day.


Hello hello

I’m not new to blogging, far from it but I have recently decided to take the plunge into WordPress. Everyone else’s blog that I read seems to be a WordPress one, so I have added my own to this proud register of bloggers. At a later date I will update the About page so that you can all find out about how uninteresting I really am, but for now I will remain mysterious and hope that my words are somewhat beguiling.

For those who do not know me at all, I am Druid, or rather, Bard. I am an OBOD member and currently trying to immerse myself in the Bardic study. I seem to be constantly fighting that battle with ‘daily routine’ and making time for that which is truly important to me. However, through reading the blogs of friends and those who I admire (Damh the Bard and Philip Carr-Gomm for one) then I am finding that the quiet time taken to study and write the blog is good time. I live in the somewhat confusing climate of South Wales, in an area which sometimes does not know whether it is rural or urban. The earth is scarred around me by the aftermath of coal mining, open wounds on the face of the earth slowly healing. I am a child of this place and yet I feel called to other places – areas of this great island which are completely alien and fascinating to me. I have never been happier than when I stand on the shores and cliffs of West Cornwall, breathing the salt spray and feeling the rush of the ocean through my blood.

If anyone out there reads this, please do comment and say hello – I would love to know whether this string of words that I send out actually reaches civilisation.