Bardic Poetry


a mirage against the clouds
as though floating in air

eyes calmly staring
on the meadows below

aggressive yet gentle
beautiful yet feared

Heartbeat of Earth

The sea breathes;
pebbles sighing softly
under the gaze of the evening sun.

In woodland cover;
the foxes play and hunt
as Cernunnos watches and smiles.

Where sky meets earth;
birds nest in treetop branches
straddling two realms.

And deep below;
insects burrow and scrabble
hugged by the forest floor.

Ocean Mother

I hear your breath Mother
as I approach you
your heartbeat strong in the air

I feel your kiss Mother
your dew moistens my skin
so soothing in the heat

May I join you Mother?
I curl into your embrace
as your coolness envelops


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