A little miracle

So on Sep 1st, my fiance’s sister had her baby. She was expecting a boy, so when the little one turned out to be a girl, we were all quite surprised! Of course, they all refer to me as Aunty Kim, mainly due to the fact that I’m basically family. That meant loads because I’m an only child, so my chances of being an aunty were quite low.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, myself and my other half went to see the baby today. She’s so perfect, like a little doll. My sister in law asked if I wanted to hold her, so I accepted and the second she settled into my arms I felt my heart breaking as she’s so gorgeous! My fiance was looking at me holding her, and in that moment is became crystal clear to me that I want to have his children and nobody else’s. 🙂

So eventually, I gave little Sienna-Rose back to her mum and spent my time fascinated by her little hands and feet. My fiance held her then, which only compounded my certainty about my desire to have his child. I’m writing this still feeling the sense of wonder that comes with holding a tiny baby in your arms.