Changes are afoot once again…

I’m in one of those transitionary places again. My contract at work has ended, and once again I find myself free to look for other work. I’ve had a few interviews these past two weeks, but was unsuccessful in getting the jobs. No matter. I trust that everything happens for a reason, and that something better is out there for me to discover. Soon my fiance will be joining me in two weeks off, and we’ll have some much-needed relaxation time together.

So considering that I have free time on my hands now, I’ve kind of been delving into my spirituality again. I’m currently between Ovate gwersi, but I’ve been rediscovering the Craft as well. Not in the Wiccan sense, but more in the green/kitchen/hedge witch sense. I’m planning to undertake something next week, both as a bit of fun and also as a way of reconnecting with the witch within. I’m going to do the ‘magickal makeover’ suggested by Fiona Horne in her book ‘7 Days to a Magickal New You’. Now I know some people out there will think of Ms. Horne as a huge pile of fluff, but I actually like the idea of having fun with it and approaching it in her way. She was the first Wiccan author that I read, and 9 years later I’ve walked a very twisty path that has led me from Wicca to green witchcraft to Druidry. As a result, it’s kind of like going back to the roots of what introduced me to this Pagan path that I walk, and I think it should be fun.

I’ve ordered some little bits and bobs that I needed, just candles and the like, and I’ll need to go through my Craft supplies to make sure I have a variety of other things. I see it as part of my Ovate work, really. I will move on to the next gwers this evening, and see if the OBOD work is reading my mind (as it usually seems to do, oddly).