Sunday serenity…

I’m writing this from a clifftop, looking out over the water. The sky is pure blue, the water cobalt. The sun is kissing everything. All I can think about sitting here is the onset of spring. I love this time of year. It makes me want to swim, to sing, to dance, to love. Almost like something is blossoming inside me and is ready to burst out into a blaze of colour.
I have been here many times before, sitting in this same spot and caressed by the same sun. However, it feels different today. Today, I am an Ovate. The green robe feels snug around my shoulders and I feel as though I could retire to the woods, watching the shafts of sunlight penetrate the trees, sending that dappled strobe effect across my skin. I feel light. I feel connected. I feel divine.


On the threshold…

I received my first pack of Ovate gwersi yesterday. It’s very strange and yet thrilling to look back over the Bardic work and yet stand on the threshold of a new experience. Beginning Druid training was perhaps the best thing I have ever done. I am very much enjoying the transition phase that I currently find myself in. This spiritual work is perhaps the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and it is all the more precious to me because it has come from within. It is a radiance of light that glistens from somewhere deep inside my soul. As I prepare for a second, deeper initiation, I find myself stopping to take in the view.

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