Feeling inspired today

Well, it’s Sunday and usually on a Sunday I don’t do anything. I know how lazy and truly slovenly that sounds, but it’s the truth. 🙂 But today I got up and felt like being productive. I got up late, but as soon as I was up I started doing things. I tidied my workspace up around my computer, said a dedication to the Goddess and lit the candles on my altar. Since then I have been looking at some Pagan videos on YouTube, and working on my Book of Shadows.

I actually handmade the book myself about 2 years ago, and slowly but surely I am filling the pages. I prefer to have a separate Pagan journal, which I tie in with my experience of the Bardic course and also my rituals and workings. Today I am working on the big book that I made, and filling it with reference materials. There are lots of photos in there. I wish it was my own artwork, but unfortunately I cannot draw or paint particularly well. So instead I fill it with beautiful photos. Between the pictures is the reference works. Right now I am doing the Wheel of the Year. I’ve got some beautiful pictures for each festival and a short written explanation of what the festival celebrates. I plan to pass these books down to my children, and so I try to put as much of myself into them as possible and this is the reason I handmade the book. My essence is contained within the very materials.

I feel very connected today. I only have a few more gwersi left until I complete the Bardic grade, which I’m excited about. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my journey.


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