New Year resolutions…

This might sound a bit strange, but I actively avoid making my resolutions on Jan 1st. This is simply because I used to do this without fail every year and come Jan 5th the resolution had already been broken (because I’m human) and I would beat myself up about it and be really depressed and blah, blah, blah…

No more. I figured the only way to break the vicious cycle was to take the Jan 1st pressure out of the equation. So I am making my resolution today, with a light touch and tolerance for my own foibles, because I KNOW without a doubt that I am strong enough to do this and do it almost effortlessly.

My resolution this year is to get my excess weight off and keep it off, for the last time. That on the surface seems like an almost insurmountable task, as I still have nearly 8 stones to lose. But you know what, I can do it. I can imagine myself at my ideal weight, and I want that for myself. I’ve never really felt sexy because I’ve never had the confidence to buy the clothes I really love and wear them with attitude. This year I’m going to do it or at least make serious headway into the amount I need to lose and reduce my weight significantly. I just have to re-integrate myself with new habits and re-learn the weight loss plan I have chosen – I’m going to do it with Weight Watchers.

I’ve already lost a stone (14lb) with the aid of my doctor and partly through WW as well. 8 to go. I’m also going to be making the blog known to my WW leader and if any of my readers would like to comment, maybe share your own weight loss experiences or just offer support then I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to a healthy, happy future! 🙂


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