Pagan catchup

Well, today has been a productive day on the spiritual side of things. I downloaded about 6 episodes of Druidcast that I had missed during my PGCE, wrote a letter to my Bardic grade tutor, downloaded, filled in and posted my application to rejoin the Pagan Federation, and now I am listening to one of the episodes of Druidcast that I missed. I really want to reconnect with all the things I forcibly had to disconnect from during my PGCE, and my Pagan spirit is the thing that calls loudest to me.

I dreamed the other night that I gave birth to a baby boy. Despite not having any desire for a baby at the moment, in the dream I felt very maternal. The dream only made sense to me this afternoon when I realised that the date of the dream was the autumn equinox. I believe the baby in the dream was the Mabon and it is yet another otherworldly reminder that I am a spiritual being. I vividly remember the symbol of the cardboard box that sprouted an oak sapling that led me to OBOD, and although I didn’t understand the symbolism at the time, on receiving the first mailing of Gwersi I immediately understood.

So, with that, I have moved from Pagan procrastination to Pagan productivity…


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