It’s been a long while…

but I’m back finally. Life is kind of relaxed at the moment, my course is over and I have some time on my hands to relax and reconnect with my sense of who I am and what’s important to me. I’ve been watching loads of Youtube videos, kind of connecting with the world again as I feel like I’ve been locked in a box for so long, concentrating on only one thing. But now I can unwind again and spend time in nature, reading and reconnecting.

It’s 8 years this summer that I embarked on my path. It’s been quite a winding path and I’ve actually ended up somewhere I never envisioned in the beginning. That’s actually really cool. At the same time though, I’m finding I’m being called back to aspects of my path that fascinated and inspired me in the beginning. This is perhaps the most surprising thing but it feels right and I feel confident that it will merge well with my beliefs and the Druid tradition.

I rededicated my altar. It actually felt really special. It’s very much a focal point in my room now, and it feels good. I think it might be the effect of the newfound acceptance I’ve received from those I live with. It’s nice in the sense that I have a little time on my hands to get back into things and try out some new old stuff.


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