So, in the next six weeks my life is going to completely change. I’m leaving my job at Tesco, a company whom I have worked for since 2002, and as a result it feels pretty crazy. After a month off, I will then be beginning my training as a student teacher. And because I like to be mentally busy, at the same time I will be freeing myself from my frankly crappy eating habits and releasing myself from my food addiction. I’m not going on a diet, in fact truth be told I am never again going on a diet. I won’t be told, or tell myself that I can’t have something, because therein lies my problem. I am going to exercise my power of choice. For too long I’ve had no control over what I eat, because I’ve just been addicted to all the crap that goes into modern ‘foods’ – caffeine, sugar, aspartame, salt and everything else that we don’t need. There’s no nutrients in those things. Some of what I have undertaken already seems a little drastic to people around me. I have greatly reduced my intake of dairy products, cut back on my intake of white refined carbohydrates with a view to ending them forever. I replace them with wholegrains, foods that actually have nutritional value. I replace sugary fizzy drinks with fruit juices, water, herbal tea. But I don’t care what other people think….to them it might seem drastic but to me it seems right. Eating all that stuff has only managed to keep me fat, miserable and unhealthy. So, considering that I want a drastic result, I suppose it makes sense to me that I should make a ‘drastic’ change. Already I am finding that I suffer headaches – classic symptom of caffeine withdrawal.  I persevere with them because I know there is freedom and clarity beyond.

I have just placed my second order to an organic farm in Devon for some lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, to be delivered next week fresh from the fields. I look forward to sampling them and having some beautiful fresh salads, with wholemeal pitta and maybe some fresh chicken. For now, I eat when I am hungry, and I stop when I am full, and I enjoy the simple freedom that comes from simply returning to the way humans are supposed to eat. You never see a chimpanzee screaming for his next sugar fix, or clutching a Mars bar. I am so much about nature…let me try and trust my own body, and fully submit to nature in eating the way nature intended.