What a weekend…

Over the weekend I attended the OBOD Winter Gathering in beautiful Glastonbury with a friend. It was an absolutely amazing (and tiring) weekend and I came home with a new sense of who I am and what I want. It was a great experience and on returning home I was warmly welcomed by my amazing other half. It was fabulous, I felt so loved. 🙂 The best thing that I’ve gained from it is the knowledge that it is possible for my two worlds to merge. At home I tend to keep my spirituality very much a private thing and don’t really share it that much. It’s almost like I’m two different people at times, there’s the Druid me and the ‘normal’ me. Before this weekend I had thought that there would never be a point when those two would comfortably join, but it happened this weekend and has opened my eyes to some of the restrictions that I had placed on myself.

Secondly, I have just found out this afternoon that I have been accepted onto the PGCE course I applied for at UWIC. I nearly burst into tears when I read the email as I thought I didn’t have much chance – but it turns out I was completely wrong. The next few months will be very much a fact-finding exercise in preparation for my new study programme next September.  Things finally seem to be working out for me and I know now that I can look to the future with a real sense of hope.


One thought on “What a weekend…

  1. Fantastic news about the course! and I know what you mean about trying to “merge” the “two worlds” when it should really be one world to begin with. Glad you received clear insight – bright blessings for Yule and the new year.

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