Interesting times

So last night I went to a rune-making workshop with a friend, and met some new people in the process. The workshop was really interesting and fun. I especially appreciated the informal tone. Contrary to some people’s belief, I am actually quite shy when in new situations and meeting new people. My way of dealing with it, however, is to break the silence and talk. Usually about nothing of any relevance or interest, but I talk to stave off the nerves. Hopefully I didn’t do too much of that last night. Anyway, despite having no confidence whatsoever in my crafting ability, I came home with a lovely set of runes. They have a deep personal meaning to me because they are made from Cornish slate – Tintagel, I believe. And anyone who reads this page regularly or knows me well will understand the significance of that. My heart beats a little more deeply on Cornish soil. I haven’t consecrated them yet, but I will soon. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do that exactly – I’ll have to get my ritual-writing head on and come up with the goods. I’m so into the OBOD course at the moment that it’s hard to pull my heart and head out of that and focus on other things, but the physical world requires my attentions and so I must heed the call.

Glastonbury next month. That will re-energise me. And hopefully also Cornwall in January, if we can arrange it for my birthday. 🙂


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