I couldn’t come up with a more original title for this blog post, so I’m just using the time that I began to write this. I’m currently suffering from the evening work blight of being too awake to sleep when I get home, so I’m trying to unwind by writing this post. Everything seems to stand still at this time of night, the minutes seem longer. Or maybe it’s just my mind ticking over more slowly.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and spending quiet time alone, just kind of getting to know myself. It struck me that I’ve never really done that. I spend so much time and energy worrying about other people, and making sure they’re healthy and happy and whatnot, but none of that care and concern goes on myself. It never seemed a problem before, but these days I’m starting to feel like I should be mollycoddling myself now and again. 🙂 So with that in mind, I am enjoying getting up late and spending late evenings reading, or writing in my journal, or just lying in bed watching DVDs. I’m enjoying spending time with Matt, without worrying about tomorrow. I’m really enjoying taking time out for my Bardic studies every week. This feels good.


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