Well, it’s Friday afternoon. My last shift at work tomorrow night, before two weeks off. I cannot wait. I’m not going anywhere special, mostly just relaxing at home with my other half. We may take a few trips on individual days to pastures new, but mostly it’s about celebrating. And cooking – I plan to cook up a storm on this holiday. I want to try new recipes out and test them with my beloved. If that means a couple of romantic meals, then great. He’s just about starting a new job, which is awesome. So this will be the break before the changes.

*gets distracted by her DVD player* Oh…my…goodness, John Mayer topless. Wow. Ahem, sorry.

I’m feeling relaxed. There is the small matter of my last shift tomorrow, but Saturday nights are usually quite busy and the time generally goes quite quickly. So hopefully it won’t be a big deal. What’s 6.5 hours between me and the love of my life? 🙂

So with that in mind, quite soon I am going to go and make myself look slightly more attractive. Then bellydance class at 7.30, and when I get home, a nice relaxing evening with my parents.


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