It’s been a funny old week…

Wow, this week’s been a bit hard on the old heartstrings. I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer. Although it’s been difficult and I’ve had times of complete sadness and desperation, I know it’s just a life lesson. And yes, before anyone tells me, I know it’s only Wednesday. 🙂 I’ve just been struggling with some personal feelings that decided to come out at the worst possible time. As a result, I’ve thrown myself into dealing with it. Emotions like that don’t go away unless you truly feel them, and then release them. So I’ve been through the feeling, and the anger and the crying and everything else, and now it’s time to release them and move on. That’s usually the hard part. But hey, I’m human, and it’s not as simple as it sounds, but I’ll just get on with it in my own time. I’m taking action in some areas in my life, and despite how small the steps are, they are still steps. And all steps, no matter how small, lead to a destination eventually.


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