A good day

I travelled down to Cardiff today, just to have some time to potter about and I met a friend so that we could do an holistic therapy swap. I’m a Reiki healer and she’s a reflexologist, so I gave her a Reiki session and then she treated me to a reflexology session. Amazing stuff and so inspiring how your feet can tell you so much about your general state of health. Before I met her, I had a wander around town and spent some time in the bookshops. I adore bookshops. I wanted to buy a book about trees, as I am a very bad Druid in the sense that although I love trees, I am ridiculously bad at telling one from another. So, to remedy that, I have bought a field guide to the trees of Britain and Europe. I see it as a necessary part of my Bardic studies.

After the therapy swap, we took a walk around as I wanted to go to this little metaphysical shop that I was aware of, near Albany Road. We went in and it was great, there was a lovely dog there that took a shine to me and followed me around. Needless to say, I crouched down and made a fuss of him. A very gentle spirit, he was very receptive. I bought a few magazines and was quite tempted by some of the lovely ethnic throws there, but I resisted due to my current stretched funds. Then, after a rather nice coffee, my boyfriend picked me up and we spent the evening together. That was good, we had a nice talk and a laugh, and ate together. It was just nice to relax together, I miss him being around and wish I could see him more often. But seeing as we live 23 miles apart, that can be problematic. But we manage, and the time we do have together is usually all the more special because of the distance.

I always seem to blog late in the evening. Maybe that’s when my thoughts are clearer, I don’t know. Or maybe that’s my natural time to reflect. It’s also the time when I do most of my OBOD study. That reminds me actually, I seem to have misplaced a book I bought and it’s annoying me. I must have a really good rummage and search it out, as I haven’t even had chance to read it yet and it’s disappeared.


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