Cinematic musings

I haven’t long got back from seeing the Sex and the City movie. I knew it would be a good one as I absolutely loved the series but it got me thinking as to exactly why so many women across the world love this series and this film and yet on the other side of the coin, many men hate it. I honestly think it’s just that good old Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing. Personally I love the series (and the film) because it shows strong women, living their lives as women and not being afraid to be themselves. Yes, I suppose it is a ‘girly’ film in that aspect, especially when it comes to the shoes and the designer labels – but the show is so much more than that. It’s a study of friendship, of how women deal with life, both the good stuff and the bad. It celebrates all that is exclusively female. And perhaps that is of no interest to men, I don’t know. I’m not a man. Personally I found the film inspiring and socially empowering.


2 thoughts on “Cinematic musings

  1. I must be odd because, although a man, I loved the series as well. It was just a tale of people well told – immaterial that it was about women rather than men. That’s not to say that the fact that it was about women was irrelevant to the story, but it was irrelevant to the quality of the story, if that makes any sense. However, I haven’t been tempted to see the film, really, although it does feature a song by some friends of mine, the rendition of “Auld Land Syne” by the Cast, i.e. Dave Francis and Mairi Campbell, old friends from the Edinburgh folk scene. Good to see them getting some well-deserved recognition!

  2. Hm, well not all men are so against it. Maybe they pretend to be so as not to admit it… Anyway, Chris has seen all the episodes and whenever I tell my friend of his interest in “Sex and the City,” my friends automatically ask if he’s gay (which I’m sure he’s not) so maybe straight men are afraid of that stigma (even if they never gave the show a chance).

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