Bye Bye Betsy

So a week or so ago, I suddenly realised that the first gear on my car, a rather ancient red Ford Fiesta (named Betsy), wouldn’t engage. “Whoops,” I thought, “better get this to a garage.” So, yesterday I did just that and took it to my local garage for them to have a look at it. I wasn’t overly worried because although I knew it could be something serious (read, expensive), I also knew it could just as easily be something relatively simple, like a snapped gear linkage rod or something. A couple of hours after I dropped it off, I rang them to see if they’d figured out what it was.

In short, the gearbox is naffed and to get it replaced would cost more than the car is worth. Fan-bloody-tastic. So then I found myself in the rather uneviable position of having to look for another car – with no money. Great. Being a bit of an emotional gal, I found myself in tears for the rest of the afternoon in consternation at what on earth I was supposed to do now. Then my nan phoned, and hearing me wailing in the background, immediately offered her financial assistance. Now usually, I would thank her and not take it, but in this position I have no choice and she will get the money back from me in instalments. With this in mind, Dad and I will be heading out in the morning to look at some cheap cars in the local area. Hopefully I’ll be back on the road ASAP. It’ll be sad scrapping my poor little Betsy, but what else can I do? I’ve had three fabulous years with her, and it’s time to welcome a new automobile into my life. Oh well, with a heavy heart and an unhappy bank balance, it’s bye bye Betsy.


It’s been a funny old week…

Wow, this week’s been a bit hard on the old heartstrings. I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer. Although it’s been difficult and I’ve had times of complete sadness and desperation, I know it’s just a life lesson. And yes, before anyone tells me, I know it’s only Wednesday. 🙂 I’ve just been struggling with some personal feelings that decided to come out at the worst possible time. As a result, I’ve thrown myself into dealing with it. Emotions like that don’t go away unless you truly feel them, and then release them. So I’ve been through the feeling, and the anger and the crying and everything else, and now it’s time to release them and move on. That’s usually the hard part. But hey, I’m human, and it’s not as simple as it sounds, but I’ll just get on with it in my own time. I’m taking action in some areas in my life, and despite how small the steps are, they are still steps. And all steps, no matter how small, lead to a destination eventually.

A good day

I travelled down to Cardiff today, just to have some time to potter about and I met a friend so that we could do an holistic therapy swap. I’m a Reiki healer and she’s a reflexologist, so I gave her a Reiki session and then she treated me to a reflexology session. Amazing stuff and so inspiring how your feet can tell you so much about your general state of health. Before I met her, I had a wander around town and spent some time in the bookshops. I adore bookshops. I wanted to buy a book about trees, as I am a very bad Druid in the sense that although I love trees, I am ridiculously bad at telling one from another. So, to remedy that, I have bought a field guide to the trees of Britain and Europe. I see it as a necessary part of my Bardic studies.

After the therapy swap, we took a walk around as I wanted to go to this little metaphysical shop that I was aware of, near Albany Road. We went in and it was great, there was a lovely dog there that took a shine to me and followed me around. Needless to say, I crouched down and made a fuss of him. A very gentle spirit, he was very receptive. I bought a few magazines and was quite tempted by some of the lovely ethnic throws there, but I resisted due to my current stretched funds. Then, after a rather nice coffee, my boyfriend picked me up and we spent the evening together. That was good, we had a nice talk and a laugh, and ate together. It was just nice to relax together, I miss him being around and wish I could see him more often. But seeing as we live 23 miles apart, that can be problematic. But we manage, and the time we do have together is usually all the more special because of the distance.

I always seem to blog late in the evening. Maybe that’s when my thoughts are clearer, I don’t know. Or maybe that’s my natural time to reflect. It’s also the time when I do most of my OBOD study. That reminds me actually, I seem to have misplaced a book I bought and it’s annoying me. I must have a really good rummage and search it out, as I haven’t even had chance to read it yet and it’s disappeared.

Cinematic musings

I haven’t long got back from seeing the Sex and the City movie. I knew it would be a good one as I absolutely loved the series but it got me thinking as to exactly why so many women across the world love this series and this film and yet on the other side of the coin, many men hate it. I honestly think it’s just that good old Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing. Personally I love the series (and the film) because it shows strong women, living their lives as women and not being afraid to be themselves. Yes, I suppose it is a ‘girly’ film in that aspect, especially when it comes to the shoes and the designer labels – but the show is so much more than that. It’s a study of friendship, of how women deal with life, both the good stuff and the bad. It celebrates all that is exclusively female. And perhaps that is of no interest to men, I don’t know. I’m not a man. Personally I found the film inspiring and socially empowering.

Hello hello

I’m not new to blogging, far from it but I have recently decided to take the plunge into WordPress. Everyone else’s blog that I read seems to be a WordPress one, so I have added my own to this proud register of bloggers. At a later date I will update the About page so that you can all find out about how uninteresting I really am, but for now I will remain mysterious and hope that my words are somewhat beguiling.

For those who do not know me at all, I am Druid, or rather, Bard. I am an OBOD member and currently trying to immerse myself in the Bardic study. I seem to be constantly fighting that battle with ‘daily routine’ and making time for that which is truly important to me. However, through reading the blogs of friends and those who I admire (Damh the Bard and Philip Carr-Gomm for one) then I am finding that the quiet time taken to study and write the blog is good time. I live in the somewhat confusing climate of South Wales, in an area which sometimes does not know whether it is rural or urban. The earth is scarred around me by the aftermath of coal mining, open wounds on the face of the earth slowly healing. I am a child of this place and yet I feel called to other places – areas of this great island which are completely alien and fascinating to me. I have never been happier than when I stand on the shores and cliffs of West Cornwall, breathing the salt spray and feeling the rush of the ocean through my blood.

If anyone out there reads this, please do comment and say hello – I would love to know whether this string of words that I send out actually reaches civilisation.